Convert DataTable to List in c#

DataTable dt = ‘…some service called to fill this datatable….’
List<DemoModel> demoDetails = new List<DemoModel>();
demoDetails = ConvertDataTable<DemoModel>(dt);


public static List<T> ConvertDataTable<T>(DataTable dt)
List<T> data = new List<T>();
foreach (DataRow row in dt.Rows)
T item = GetItem<T>(row);
return data;


private static T GetItem<T>(DataRow dr)
Type temp = typeof(T);
T obj = Activator.CreateInstance<T>();

foreach (DataColumn column in dr.Table.Columns)
foreach (PropertyInfo pro in temp.GetProperties())
if (pro.Name == column.ColumnName)
pro.SetValue(obj, dr[column.ColumnName], null);
return obj;


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